Why bluffing works

Any successful poker player will learn the art of bluffing. Bluffing is definitely an art form as it requires you to act in a number of ways with each having potentially different results. There are times when one bluffs a hand that they will be called and lose and at times you will see the best hand lost due to other players acts of bluffing. Often bluffing will result in a win and at times that can be a substantial win and this is where the thrill of the bluff pays off. The rush felt when you take down a larger pot with a bluff is one that most players enjoy immensely.

It is a reality that when bluffing that you will make mistakes from time to time. No single player is perfect in this regard. There are those who will try to bluff online far too many times and others who will not bluff at all. Those who bluff too often will win a large number of hands but often fail to gain as their losses usually equal things out. Those who play to passively often lose out on hands they would have taken down due to that passive style of play. You often see online players who play almost every hand win often but that is often due to the skills they have in bluffing but will often lose when in a show down. The reality is that a good poker player will strive to play in a way that is unpredictable. They will not bluff too often and will change tactics often in order to avoid other opponents from developing a sense of what their next move will be.

You think I am bluffing

If you are a player who has yet to be busted for bluffing then you must be the world’s greatest as almost every player has been busted at some point. If you are one of those who gets called almost any time you bluff then you most likely are bluffing too often. It is important to play with the mindset that all things must be in moderation.

It is also important to understand that not all bluffs are equal. If you know that if a hand is to go the distance and you will not win then you bluff. It comes down to a winning a pot based on odds of what your opponent may do. If your bluff gets call then you lose – pretty simple but if they fold then you gain. However to check when faced in that position you are certain to lose aren’t you? Yet betting may mean your opponents back off so this is where the bluff has value and is not equal to the one after the flop. It does come down to pot size and what you have invested as well. Should the pot be worth $200 for example and a bluff of $25 will see you take it down then it was a good investment and good decision as well.

What you need to remember about bluffing:

Remember that you may lose 4 out of 5 bluff bets but if each bluff cost you $20 and the one pot you do win has a value of $100 you are still a winning player overall. A gain of $20 may seem little but it is still a gain and worth the effort.