UK Punters Having Issues

Punters in the United Kingdom were pleased to find out that PokerStars & Full Tilt would be continuing to operate in their country. Unfortunately those punters who have been trying to access the new UK PokerStars website have been having a series of issues accessing tournaments or games. One of the major complaints is that players will get a message saying, “We are sorry, PokerStars does not offer Real Money games in your territory”. This resulted in PokerStars UK receiving a massive amount of complaints in a short period of time, this is not a good way to launch.

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Luckily those players were relieved to find out that PokerStars was doing everything in order to control the situation. This admitted that this was a software glitch, provides players with refunds for the tournament fee’s and quickly were scaling through their platform in order to find the issue. As of Friday players have been saying that the website is working perfectly which means that all punters in the United Kingdom who wish to get one of the best online poker gambling experience can now do so without having to worry about any issues in the process.

These issues began the instant that PokerStars UK went live which came as a shock to many as PokerStars is known for having a smooth platform. Luckily it only took a few days before all of these issues were solved. Those wishing to sign up an account with PokerStars UK can do so & will find that they’ll be welcomed with a sign up bonus as well.