Two Online Poker Bills Introduced In California

Two bills have just been introduced to the state’s legislatures. These two new bills aim to regulate and legalize online poker in the state of California. They were able to put this bill in for submission before the deadline for the yearly submissions.

The two bills that were introduced are named AB2291 and SB1366. They were submitted in urgency to the California Senate and Assembly. If this been is legalized all forms of online poker will now be taxed, regulated and licensed. If this bill is legalized California will be the largest state within the United States of America to provide legal online poker to their citizens.
Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer was the man to introduce the first bill “AB2291”. This specific bill would legalize online poker and is now being backed up by multiple Indian tribes and card rooms located within the state. This bill would restrict compacts between the other states that was to legalize online gambling for poker, meaning they couldn’t do so if it falls under the same form of online poker as California’s.

The second bill “SB1366” is an updated version of the previous online poker bill that Senator Lou Correa’s created back in 2006. This new bill would ban any offshore online poker rooms from entering the new online gambling market that California is trying to create. This means that punters would only be able to access poker rooms that are operated out of the state. This in return can make punters feel more trust worthy of the poker rooms, knowing that they could take a drive and complain to them directly if anything was to go wrong.