The Psychology of online Poker

There is a psychology used playing poker. That is what is used to cause your opponent to stop and second guess you as an opponent. It causes them to have to think more about each action they make in the game. It is an art that will cause them to try to figure out what you think and what they think that you are thinking. It is a form of play that is used to deceive others in the game and used as a way to assist you in getting a read on their hand.

Let’s begin by using an example of how psychology can be used in poker. You are sitting at a cash game and have been dealt cards that offer no hope but you are on the small blind, call and hit a low pair. You get raised by another at the table who generally has shown themselves to be an experienced player. As this player has made a move to buy the pot his raise doesn’t not hold much value and therefore it is ideal for you to become the aggressor and re-raise to an amount that will make that player begin to question his next course of action. This tactic of play will work well as you are pitted against someone who has a good idea of the game and thinks before acting.

Phil Ivey

Another example would be when faced with a flop of suited cards and someone in an early position fired out a raise after the flop. A player who is skilled will think this player will instantly put that player on a flush draw. He will then bet aggressively if he holds a pair and again, if no other suited card hits , on the turn card in order to increase their pot size and put that player at odds as to what cards they are holding let alone the value in their own cards. The point behind such a move to is outplay your opponent. However before acting in this manner, if you are playing against a group of experienced players, you should wait until the third round of actions before making such a move. It requires that you put thought into what the other player may have and what that player thinks you may have. Playing against a weak player however sees those rules change as they will often not think about your hand and will focus only on their hand.

What you need to remember about using psychology:

Always remember that learning psychology and how to apply it in poker isa skill that will help you increase your winning percentage. It is a critical element in the game and one that must be learned and practised. Yes, during the course of developing those skills and understanding how they apply to the different play styles you will encounter, will see you suffer losses overtime you will come out ahead. There are many books you can read on the subject that will help you develop those skills and it is wise to invest time in doing so if you wish to have long tern success inn poker.