PokerStars Obtains Net Entertainment Platform

Amaya Gaming

PokerStars is one that is a formidable nams in the online world of poker. Due to Amaya Gaming, a Canadian based gambling firm, purchasing PokerStars there has been discussions of how to reinvent the poker site. It was announced today that Amaya Gaming revealed that they have the perfect solution to do just that and that is done with the addition of the Net Entertainment platform.

PokerStars is no longer going to be an exclusive poker firm, instead it is going to be one of the most exclusive online casinos in the world. This new take on the previous poker firm is being accepted well by fans as more games under the Net Ent platform are being rolled out across regulated European markets. Those markets include the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Estonia, Denmark, Bulgaria and Belgium. The entire Net Entertainment platform has yet to be rolled out onto PokerStars as there are hundreds of games to roll out.

The appealing factor about adding this software to PokerStars is that previous players will once again be excited and new players will be drawn to the casino. Those new players may have avoided PokerStars as they don’t have any interest of playing online poker. As of right now these games are being transitioned over to PokerStars & can be played when PokerStars released their latest update across their PC & Mobile Servers.

The Net Entertainment Platform is available at an array of different casinos for those who wish not to play at a casino that focuses so heavily on its video poker.