PokerStars Acquired By Amaya Gaming

PokerStars was recently acquired by Amaya Gaming, an online gambling firm located within the borders of Canada. This information came to light earlier on this week after a series of rumors swirled around the online gambling market relating towards Amaya Gaming purchasing PokerStars. This Monday Amaya Gaming confirmed that they purchased PokerStars for $4.9 Billion. This acquisition will allow for PokerStars to re-enter the online gambling market in the United States of America. Specifically Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. PokerStars recently wasn’t allowed to offer their gambling services in the USA as their parent company “The Rational Group” had been found guilty on money laundering some years earlier.

Rational Group logo

Amaya Gaming now just doesn’t stand as a software developer within the online gambling market. They now stand as the owners of one of the largest poker firms known around the world. It is suspected that it will be a long period of time before Amaya Gaming will be able to turn a profit on their investment as $4.9 Billion is a substantial amount of money. Apple purchased Beats for $3 Billion, Beats being the largest manufacturer of quality brand headphones in the world.

There is a good chance that Amaya Gaming will be contacting Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada in order to receive an online gambling license within those states. This in return means that PokerStars will once again be able to operate within the USA. There is no reason as to why these states wouldn’t give Amaya Gaming their gambling licenses, Amaya Gaming is known for being a quality operator in the industry.