PKR Italy

PKR, a highly popular poker firm in the European Union has revealed that their leaving the Italian Gambling Market. This came as a shock to Italian punters as PKR has only been operating in Italy for the last two years. Unfortunately slots & table games reign supreme in the Italian market which made PKR lose a large amount of profit they thought they’d earn in this market.


As of right now the software is already offline and no longer available to players of this poker firm. PKR openly said that operating in the Italian Market is no longer profitable or sustainable at this period of time. There is a chance that they’ll return to the Italian Market is video poker becomes popular in the country again but as of right now there is no indication of that happening.

Players who had money in their gambling account will be able to withdraw their funds from PKR. You will just be required to reach a support representative, give them your account information and then they’ll send that money to you through a banking option of your choice. Italian Players will only have until the end of October to withdraw their funds from their player accounts.

We will update you on all information regarding PKR’s leaving in the Italian Market. We will also inform you of any plans they have to return to the market, as of right now there is nothing that’ll suggest their return in the future.