Nevada Taking Steps towards Online Poker Networks

Nevada, one of the largest states in America with strong gambling ties revealed some new information that will better their online gambling industry by a massive amount. Nevada is the world’s number one most visited state as Nevada has Las Vegas, Las Vegas is famous due to being is dozens of films. Today Nevada revealed that they are considering allowing for their state to hold a cross state Online Poker Network with New Jersey and Delaware. This means that punters in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada all could be experiencing the same poker casino game at the same time.

Nevada state logo

This will result in the prize pools being that much bigger for players, it’ll also allow for each state to earn more revenue. That’s even when you spread out the profits amongst all three states, New Jersey has been considering this option for a long period of time now and they were the state that approached Nevada as well as Delaware for a combined Online Poker Network. If all three states legalize this new idea then it’ll allow for the first cross country online gambling industry in the United States of America to become alive in more than a decade.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, New Jersey Gaming Control Board and Delaware Gaming Control Board are all currently speaking with one another figuring out which new laws they will put in place which will allow for this future Online Poker Network to run smoothly.