Mobile Gambling to Grow by 43%

Technavio, a research firm that is well known for predicating some of the best and calculated predictions for the future of gambling around the world. Today this research firm revealed that the mobile gambling market will grow by more than forty three percent in the next four years. If this is the case then mobile gambling is slated to become just as popular as online gambling within the next four years.


The report claims that a large portion of that percentage will come from table based casino games such as video poker. They claim at 26% of the 43% will be thanks to video poker, blackjack and roulette. This estimate was made by analyzing the revenue brought in through mobile devices then multiplying it by the gross gaming per year with the total wagers made by players on an annual basis. There have been dozens upon dozens of different research groups, analysts and move that have claimed that mobile gambling won’t just become as popular as online gambling but will surpass it within the next decade.

As of right now mobile gambling is rising in player percentage by 7% a month. This is because the mass majority would rather like to enjoy the hands on experience a mobile device gives you then the altered virtual experience of a desktop computer. Almost every reputable online casino has made their way to the mobile market in hopes that they won’t lose out on their brand named casino.

In the event changes to the above predictions change, we will update this posting.