Mistakes made playing Poker by beginners

The game of poker is one that will always see people make mistakes. It is just one of those things as poker requires that you make decisions based on not just your cards but also on the cards of those you are playing against. Most players who start out playing poker will make many mistakes as they gain knowledge on the game and begin to understand what mistakes they have made or where making. Even the best players will make mistakes as it is just part of the game.

One of the mistakes most new players will make is not getting the most out of a hand due to acting too fast or failing to act in a way to maximise the return of a hand in play. The goal is always to gain as much from each hand you are ahead in and of course, to lose as little as possible when behind in a hand. The point is to develop the skills needed to identify when ahead or behind in a hand in order to achieve those results. To make the best results come in your favor you should be placing larger value bets when ahead and doing all possible to make sure the pot is smaller for those you are behind in.


Another mistake made is new players not understanding pot odds based on chasing certain hands. Those with experience know the odds when in such a position and understand if it is wise to continue in the hand. A smart player knows when to cut their losses. Playing on the gut feeling is just not smart poker and if you want to gain a better understanding in the game then understanding pot odds is critical. It will help you understand when it is wise to call or the odds that your opponent may hit a better hand than you.

The most common mistake that is made is getting into too many hands and also playing in a passive manner. While it is good to see flops that cost little to see as you may catch cards that put you in the best position, it is still wise to play less hands and play only those where your hole cards dictate them to be played. Avoid being married to your hand and be prepared to lay it down when odds suggest you should.

What to remember:

Often new players will play cards that should be folded and then hit a small pair on the flop. They often think they are in a good position to only be beaten by someone who out bets them or is value betted from those with a stronger hand. One example of this is a player who has ace/2 for hole cards and hitting an ace on the flop. They will bet into the hand thinking they are in a good position to take down the hand to only be re-raised by a player who also has an ace with a superior kicker. It is only a good bet to play with a weak ace when at a table with a reduced number of players as the odds are improved that others haven’t an ace in their hole cards.