Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Unveiled

Microsoft held a press conference today in which they unveiled the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet. The new tablet is running on Windows 8.1 and boasts its own unique live wallpapers that looks beautiful device. The Surface Pro 3 has a 2,160 by 1,440 Resolution, making colors crisp and beautiful on the device. Microsoft focused that this new tablet device is more slim than the iPad Air and also is 20% more powerful in battery life. This results in Microsoft creating a perfect mobile tablet that dominates against all of the competition.

Windows 8.1

A Representative from Microsoft said the following, “We knew that our fans weren’t overly impressed by the second installment in our Surface Pro line. We knew that if we were to release a third model it would have to dominate our previous two installments and that it would have to impress those who aren’t even sure if they want to be a part of the Windows Tablet Line. We now can honestly say that “The Surface Pro 3″ is by far the best tablet ever designed for Windows 8.1, alongside the Stylus we are able to create the most fluent experience known for Windows 8.1”

Microsoft can only now hope that the Surface Pro Tablet line will finally become popular. The last two installments in the well known tablet line haven’t sold a large amount of product and has only become popular due to the immense amount of advertising that Microsoft does each time one of these tablets are released.