Manilla Government

The Phillipines has had a serious issue with illegal online gambling in their country. Unlike various other countries which just has just their citizens gambling online, the Phillipines has a mass amount of people operating their illegal online gambling businesses within their country. One of the places in the Phillipines that is best known for illegal online gambling operations is Manilla but today it was revealed that federal law enforcement agencies in the Phillipines & Manilla will be taking action against those who operate these illegal online poker halls.


The government has the full support of the courts and due to this it will be simple to receive a search warrant to invade any premise which deems unsafe for the country. There will be special units put together that will resemble that of a SWAT Squad, they will be alongside those who are operating these raids in order to ensure the safety of not only their fellow squad mates but government officials tagging along in the raid.

The government has been pushed to investigate these issues as other countries in the region and outside of it have confronted the government on their lack of ability to get rid of these criminals. It seems that other countries were gaining the hint that the Phillipines that a safe haven for illegal online gambling operators but no more is this the case. We shall inform you on the future updates of these raids as you can be ensured that multiple illegal online poker halls will be shut down in the upcoming weeks and all of their equipment will be processed into the evidence locker.