Malaysian Law Enforcement Authorities conduct more online gambling raids

The law enforcement authorities for Malaysia announced today that they conducted a series of gambling raids. Specifically two more raids were put into motion and it led to the end result of twenty people being arrested with considerable evidence against them. This evidence will be put in front of a jury where people speculate the twenty people arrested will not be given mercy. This means they’ll all be going to jail for their actions against Malaysia.

Every one of the raids took place in Kushing, Malaysia. The authorities took evidence from the raids which consisted of a variety of computers, cash money and evidence that would work in the authority’s favor. The suspects have already been detained and won’t see the light of day again until their trail. It is a guarantee that each one of these twenty arrested will be sent to jail for a considerable amount of time.

The twenty suspects will be prosecuted under the Common House Gambling Act. They will also receive prosecution for the Entertainment Enactment 1953. These acts come with a punishment of jail time or extremely large fines that not many would be able to afford.