Leeds Woman Receives 20 Month Sentence

A United Kingdom woman from Leeds has been given a 20 month prison sentence. She was given this long sentence after she took it upon herself to rob the money her father earned from his business. She then used the money she stole to feed her online gambling addiction.

Ginnie Cassells, the woman who had been stealing from her father’s business stole a total of £28,000 from personal and business accounts owned by her father. Ginnie nearly bankrupted her father’s company through her actions of theft. The disgraced daughter’s crimes were discovered after her father’s two separate banks called him in order to clarify discrepancies in his accounts. After that she was outed, as her job was to handle the money earned through the business. Cassells then confessed to stealing to money in order to feed her online gambling addiction.

Gregory Perkins, the Court Recorder of this trial made a statement towards the result of her sentencing saying, “I couldn’t imagine my daughter doing something like this to me. It is a betrayal of trust that will never be able to be earned again. I send my forgiveness to the Cassell Family and wish them the best in the future. I hope Mr. Cassell’s business can continue to survive and prosper in the future as well.”

The attendant will also have to attend an online gambling addiction course over the length of her twenty month prison sentence. After she is released she will have to continue the course for the next year.