Israeli Police conduct series of gambling raids

Israel is an extremely religious country that frowns upon anyone who chooses to gamble illegally or do anything illegal for that matter. The Police in Tel Aviv decided to conduct a series of online gambling raids this Sunday. These raids led to the arrest of dozens of people who are now being held in prison for their actions.

These raids just didn’t gain the arrests of low ranked online gamblers. It also contained arrests for several different website managers. These managers have decided to take their case to court and the end result will more than likely be all of them going to jail. Gambling isn’t even considered to be a major form of entertainment in the country and is frowned upon by the major religious groups. The end result won’t turn out in the manager’s favor.

These online gambling rings have reportedly received over 4.3 billion dollars in bets throughout the year. Online gambling and land based casino gambling are both illegal in Israel. The only legal form of gambling is with the country’s lottery or by going to certain sports book keepers who are licensed to operate in the country of Israel.