Hungarian Government Blacklists More Casinos

The Hungarian Government is now considered to be enemies of online gambling as throughout 2013 and 2014 they have been blacklisting a variety of different online casinos that have never operated in an unprofessional manner. Many people believe that this is because Hungary is a highly popular market for land based gambling, people believe that owners of land based casinos are paying off government officials to have these websites blacklisted. If this is the case then the Hungarian Government would be highly at fault and all of their hard efforts to blacklist these casinos would be reversed within a week’s time.

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Regardless of people’s suspicions the Hungarian Government continues to do what they want and blacklist more casinos every couple of months. Their excuse is that they’ll soon be regulating the market but no bills have even be created to back up this excuse. The three more recent websites to be blocked include Bwin.Party, Ladbrokes and Betclic Everest. Each one of these operators are famous around the world for offering an outstanding gambling experience. Ladbrokes, Betclic and Bwin.Party are also considered to be some of the most trusted names in the online gambling industry which is why this news comes as such a shock to many. Currently there is a maximum of twenty online casinos that have been blacklisted by the Hungarian Government.

We will continue to update you on all the new information released regarding what the Hungarian Government plans to do with their online gambling industry. As of right now people are expecting the worse.