Full Tilt Undergoing Big Changes

Full Tilt Poker, now owned by Amaya Gaming has revealed through its managing director that massive changes are making its way to Full Tilt just as it did with PokerStars. This is due to the fact that within the last year a decline of 44% has been seen in player traffic for the poker firm. This is why Amaya Gaming has chosen to allow for Full Tilt to become an online casino instead. An array of different casino games including video slots will be making their way to the gambling site within the upcoming weeks.


Amaya Gaming has openly stated that they want to cater to the more recreational player as it has proven to be profitable with PokerStars. This isn’t surprising as Amaya Gaming spent billions on these two poker sites and need to turn a profit in order to be successful. This wasn’t always the case though as Amaya wanted to keep one of the two sites dedicated to professional poker players, unfortunately this just isn’t proving to be profitable.

This announcement was made only days after it was revealed that Marc Kennedy, a professional poker player will be becoming the ambassador for PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker. He will have the role of listening to what other players want and report it to management in the hopes that the future casino will have a large degree of success. Considering the large volume of competition today, it is expect that it may get off to a slow start however with the volume of poker traffic FullTilt has, it shouldn’t take long for the casino to be thriving.