Fortune Lounge Announces New Summer Promotions

This June, on the 10th Fortune Lounge will be offering their players a new promotion which is considered to be one of the largest they’ve ever had. Amazing prizes await punters who wish to play this two week one and a half long promotions. This new summer promotion will run between June 10th and July 21st, during which players will be able to win a variety of different prizes such as Festina Watches and Tiffany Earrings. There is also twenty thousand euro’s up for grabs as one grand prize, whoever wins won’t have to share it with any other punters.

Tiffany Earrings

During the third week of the promotion which runs between June 24th and June 30th, playing will be able to win a large amount of the prizes. By this time the amount of players will have dropped by nearly half, making this tournament that much harder to deal with. One hundred free credits will be rewarded to every punter during this week in the promotion. Whoever lands in a position above forty will receive one of the Festina Watches which is worth a considerably large amount of money. Anyone who is below the 40th position will be removed from the tournament.

The fourth week in this special promotion is quite profitable. The fourth week will run between July 1st and July 7th, regular players will receive one hundred free credits from the casino which can be used on top of your deposit. Players who come in the final two hundred positions will be rewarded with 1,000 Casino Credits. The grand prize for this week is winning 2,300 Free Credits at the casino, this can result in massive wins depending on how you use those credits.

During the final haul of this promotion which will run between July 18th and July 21st the last of the prizes will be rewarded. A large amount of punters will be rewarded with three hundred free spins for participating in this tournament. Five pairs if Tiffany Earrings will be rewarded out to punters and two thousand free spins will be given out, those free spins can only be played on Riviera Riches.