Cyberstud Poker Jackpot Valued At $170,169 Triggered

Often we find ourselves intrigued by the mass amount of jackpots one on a daily basis within the online/mobile gambling industries. You can’t help but to appreciate the opportunities that these industries provide to punters as in a moment’s notice you can trigger a progressive jackpot and be entering a new life style. Today the Cyberstud Poker jackpot which is designed from Microgaming was triggered, a fortunate player winning $170,169 in the process. It’s rare that you will see a video poker jackpot won which is why this jackpot came as a shock to many.


The details for this jackpot win hasn’t been made public by Microgaming as of right now. We are unaware of which casino this jackpot was triggered at, we have the slightest clue as to who won this jackpot and we don’t know as to what they plan to do with their winnings.
Regardless congratulations are in order for this punter as this jackpot isn’t easy to trigger as you have to play poker to win, it’s not just a simple spin and hope for the best.
In all honesty the odds are strongly pitted against the punter in Cyberstud Poker. This is what makes this jackpot win so surprising to so many, to win a jackpot through this video poker game you must hit a Royal Flush on your side bet.

We will update you on all information revealed regarding this outstanding jackpot win, may this punter live a happy life with his new riches.