Continuation Betting

Continuation Betting is a common practise that most players will do in order to represent a hand once raising preflop. The general principal to a continuation bet is equal to at least the size of the pot. This means that after raising preflop that you should bet as little as possible in order to try to take down the pot. If called, then you have invested a smaller amount with the hopes of improving your hand once the turn card is dealt. The amount that you bet is one that does require some though as you do not want it small enough that others will call as it is a small amount to see the next card out but you also do not want it to be too much that if called you are risking too much and costing yourself a larger portion of your bankroll.

When you place a continuation bet you simply cannot look at it only from the point of trying to profit from the hand and basing it on the odds that those you face will fold to your continuation bet. There is a very real possibility that your opponents will call and should you be in the weaker position you are then faced with a tougher decision of having to place a larger continuation bet with the hopes you bluff your opponent or you will have to fold to any raise that may follow. Remember that those hands that your opponents play are vastly more important to you than those they fold. This is because those hands have money attached to them and you must take that into consideration as it is those hands that require more thought. The goal of the continuation bet is to make it more difficult for opponents to remain in the hand based on the outcome of the flop and the amount of the continuation bet made.

The point behind the continuation bet is to maximise results – period. That may mean betting more towards the pot in order to make it enough for others to walk away. Remember to make sure that your continuation bets are similar in size though as to avoid giving off tells to those you play against. If your continuation bet is too large one hand and too small the next then it gives those players information. The goal is to make others think you have a better hand even if it is weak or to make them think you are weal when strong. The better you are able to do this the more successful you will be at continuation betting.pokercards

Overview of the Continuation Bet:

Remember to consider, when continuation betting, the sizes of your hand and that of your opponent. If you are the type of player to raise preflop you are one who is often trying to get that player to bet on the flop, the turn and on the river. This applies often to bluffing as well as often those who fire out a bluff on the flop will carry on bluffing on the turn and the river in an attempt to force you out of the hand. You will need to factor in your chip stack and relate your play based on it.