Daniel Negreanu Bank Account Closed

Daniel Negreanu, a professional poker player whom is widely known throughout the world by gamblers has reported via his Twitter account that his bank accounts were closed by the “Bank of America” just two days before Christmas. Also his MasterCard Credit Card was also cancelled. This caused for a great anger in the millionaire as he’s placed more than $32 Million into his bank account through his career.

Daniel Negreanu

This saw the poker pro to take to twitter, the six-time World Series of Poker champion stated the following, “Apparently the Bank of America no longer wants my business. They’ve closed all my accounts because I put to much in from poker?”. He also continued to go on by saying “MasterCard just cancelled my credit card for no reason. I’m rich! How dumb are they?”.

This isn’t the first time that this bank has been caught of disrespecting large clients. Whenever it comes to gambling, large companies in North America are known to be cruel towards winnings. Processing can take a long time & if the bank doesn’t approve of where it’s coming from then they have the right to close various accounts, which is due in large part to the UIGEA. This shouldn’t have been the case with Daniel Negreanu, he is one of the more notable professional poker players. He’s appeared in countless Television commercials as well as he has donated thousands upon thousands to charity.

Knowing Mr. Negreanu he shall not have this matter left un-noticed, he shall do everything in his power to ensure that the Bank of America as well as MasterCard have some punishment over this issue.

Poker Central Receives First Provider

Poker Central, a 24-hour poker channel that has until now been only available online has received their first cable provider. This is a major landmark for the company which has now signed a deal to be broadcasted by the “National Cable Television Cooperative”.

Poker Central

This deal will see Poker Central being offered to a total of nine hundred different television companies. This means that fans of poker will now be able to enjoy all daily filmed poker events of a number of television stations, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, On-Demand Streaming Services and many others. This’ll allow for a new spark of blood to be provided to poker as well as it’ll allow for hundreds of thousands whom haven’t played poker in years or ever learned the sport to become immersed in its experience.
There is no word as to how much Poker Central is receiving for this deal. It’s more than likely a figure which the NCTC doesn’t want to public to know. Poker Central only launched last October and already their making waves no one could’ve expected.

As of right now the current shows available on the lineup include Double Poker Championships, 100 Greatest Poker Moments, Global Poker Challenges, Pokerography, Face the Ace, Heartland Poker and Poker After Dark. Poker Central has already announced that they’ve got multiple other shows that their developing and plan on releasing in the new year, if this is the case then their lineup of shows will be able to match that of any network currently operating in Television Broadcast today.

Paddy Power Earnings Reign Supreme

Paddy Power, one of the largest online casinos in the European Union has revealed that their revenues for the fourth quarter are falling exactly in line with what they planned. This is thanks to the fact that sportsbetting, poker and blackjack rose in popularity on the site. Throughout July 1st, 2015 to November 15th, 2015 was able to earn a total of 96 Million Euro’s in profit.

Paddy Power

This is an astonishing amount of money that hundreds of casinos around the world wish they could reach,
It’s suspected that online poker increased in player activity by 29% throughout this time period, allowing for a 5% increase in in total net revenue. Online sports betting on the other hand rose in popularity by 23%, due to the nature of this form of betting it was able to raise total net revenue by 7%. Blackjack on the other hand was only able to rise in popularity by 20%, only bringing up the net revenue by 3%.

None the less the total accumulated amount of a 12% increase on net revenue is a mass amount. That’s an increase of 11.5 Million Euros in profit for a period of five months. Those whom wish to experience these games can do so today by signing up an account at Paddy Power. They’ll provide registering punters with a welcome bonus as well as hundreds of various casino games to play. A valid payment method such as an E-Wallet or Credit Card will be required in order to play on either their desktop or mobile casino.

PokerStars Doing Well in First Weeks

It’s only been two weeks since PokerStars first re-entered the USA Gambling Market through the state of New Jersey. Working alongside “Resorts Casino Hotel”, they launched their poker platform under a temporary license with the condition that in the near future they’ll receive their full license. Already they’ve seen a total of 5,600 players register and play on the platform. This is an incredible amount of punters to see within the first two weeks.


This doesn’t mean that Amaya Gaming, the new owners of PokerStars & Full Tilt are out of hot water as of yet. They’ve agreed to take on the task of riding the poker platforms of all of the illegal actions that were operated via this platform throughout 2006 to 2011. This could mean hefty fines in the future due to the Rational Group but those whom know the PokerStars brand know that regardless of the fines to possibly come, nothing but profit will arise afterwards.

Luckily though Amaya Gaming is a Canadian based company that has proven their honourability countless times in various online gambling markets. It’s for this reason and this reason alone that they were able to gain a gambling license in the state of New Jersey.

One of the most notable aspects towards them pertaining a license was that whomever had ties or worked previously with the rational group and were currently employed with Amaya Gaming had to be terminated. A total of five employee’s with terminated from their positions, once again showing that Amaya is willing to do what it takes to prove their honourability.

FreePlay Poker Site Shut Down!

Golden Nugget is one of the original operators of online poker in New Jersey. Though their gambling market is still early on in its lifespan it seems that Golden Nugget is already making some changes. That change being that their closing its free to play poker website. This is due to the fact that since the site was launched it was destined to fail.

Golden Nugget

This isn’t a bad thing though as it shows that those gamblers within New Jersey don’t wish to play free poker games. The reasoning for this is because the majority of the fun is lost when risking money isn’t on the table. This is why as of September 30th, 2015 this site will no longer be available in New Jersey. Golden Nugget also seems to be throwing away their poker gambling experience as a whole as well, only offering the best & favorite games to date while the rest of their games are casino related. Slots, blackjack, roulette and other games have taken over Golden Nugget.

This is because the casino hopes to gain more player activity but the fact of the matter is that still the majority of those whom play at their casino do so in order to experience video poker. After three different platforms, two different owners and a ton of issues this site is finally going to say its goodbyes. This being only after two years. Hopefully Golden Nugget understands their core audience and due to this returns back to their original formatting of video poker only!

Playtech’s Instant Poker Product Launched by Coral

Coral Poker, a well-known betting firm in the online gambling market has revealed that it’s become the very first company in the industry to launch Playtech’s “Instant Poker Product”. This is a big announcement as Playtech is one of the leading developers in the industry, this product will surely become popular and that popularity will be sent Coral’s way. Players can currently download this software at Coral today.

Coral Poker

This new poker product has been designed by Playtech as a means to make it easier for punters to access various games. Craig Perry, the CEO of Coral Poker noted that he believes this product will become a fan favorite and deliver a strong fourth quart for his company this year. Once again it all boils down to money but the end result is that punters get to experience what is stated to be one of the rising poker platforms.

Perry continued on with his statement saying, “Our commitment is to our punters, we provide only the best poker games so that their fun and accessible to all. We believe that giving our players the opportunity to launch these games directly from our casino is a step forward in the right direction. As a company we can’t wait to see the reaction to Playtech’s new poker platform.”

Those wishing to try their hands at Playtech’s brand new poker platform can do so today. All that’s required is that punters sign up a player account with Coral Poker, once registration is completed an array of poker games will be available at the punters fingertips.

Full Tilt Undergoing Big Changes

Full Tilt Poker, now owned by Amaya Gaming has revealed through its managing director that massive changes are making its way to Full Tilt just as it did with PokerStars. This is due to the fact that within the last year a decline of 44% has been seen in player traffic for the poker firm. This is why Amaya Gaming has chosen to allow for Full Tilt to become an online casino instead. An array of different casino games including video slots will be making their way to the gambling site within the upcoming weeks.


Amaya Gaming has openly stated that they want to cater to the more recreational player as it has proven to be profitable with PokerStars. This isn’t surprising as Amaya Gaming spent billions on these two poker sites and need to turn a profit in order to be successful. This wasn’t always the case though as Amaya wanted to keep one of the two sites dedicated to professional poker players, unfortunately this just isn’t proving to be profitable.

This announcement was made only days after it was revealed that Marc Kennedy, a professional poker player will be becoming the ambassador for PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker. He will have the role of listening to what other players want and report it to management in the hopes that the future casino will have a large degree of success. Considering the large volume of competition today, it is expect that it may get off to a slow start however with the volume of poker traffic FullTilt has, it shouldn’t take long for the casino to be thriving.

Mobile Gambling to Grow by 43%

Technavio, a research firm that is well known for predicating some of the best and calculated predictions for the future of gambling around the world. Today this research firm revealed that the mobile gambling market will grow by more than forty three percent in the next four years. If this is the case then mobile gambling is slated to become just as popular as online gambling within the next four years.


The report claims that a large portion of that percentage will come from table based casino games such as video poker. They claim at 26% of the 43% will be thanks to video poker, blackjack and roulette. This estimate was made by analyzing the revenue brought in through mobile devices then multiplying it by the gross gaming per year with the total wagers made by players on an annual basis. There have been dozens upon dozens of different research groups, analysts and move that have claimed that mobile gambling won’t just become as popular as online gambling but will surpass it within the next decade.

As of right now mobile gambling is rising in player percentage by 7% a month. This is because the mass majority would rather like to enjoy the hands on experience a mobile device gives you then the altered virtual experience of a desktop computer. Almost every reputable online casino has made their way to the mobile market in hopes that they won’t lose out on their brand named casino.

In the event changes to the above predictions change, we will update this posting.

PokerStars Obtains Net Entertainment Platform

Amaya Gaming

PokerStars is one that is a formidable nams in the online world of poker. Due to Amaya Gaming, a Canadian based gambling firm, purchasing PokerStars there has been discussions of how to reinvent the poker site. It was announced today that Amaya Gaming revealed that they have the perfect solution to do just that and that is done with the addition of the Net Entertainment platform.

PokerStars is no longer going to be an exclusive poker firm, instead it is going to be one of the most exclusive online casinos in the world. This new take on the previous poker firm is being accepted well by fans as more games under the Net Ent platform are being rolled out across regulated European markets. Those markets include the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Estonia, Denmark, Bulgaria and Belgium. The entire Net Entertainment platform has yet to be rolled out onto PokerStars as there are hundreds of games to roll out.

The appealing factor about adding this software to PokerStars is that previous players will once again be excited and new players will be drawn to the casino. Those new players may have avoided PokerStars as they don’t have any interest of playing online poker. As of right now these games are being transitioned over to PokerStars & can be played when PokerStars released their latest update across their PC & Mobile Servers.

The Net Entertainment Platform is available at an array of different casinos for those who wish not to play at a casino that focuses so heavily on its video poker.

New Mobile Games Added

The Ongame Poker Network is surprisingly becoming more popular with each passing week. Today they revealed that in order to cater to all of their new players they have added a series of new mobile games to their mobile poker platform. There are two new variations of No Limit Texas Hold’Em and there has been three new additions of Limit Texas Hold’Em to punters. This’ll give players plenty of opportunities to experience new versions of their favorite poker games on their mobile devices.

Ongame poker

As of right now you can play the Mobile Ongame Poker Network through an iOS based mobile device (iPads & iPhones) or through an Android based mobile device (Android Phones & Tablets). Unfortunately there is no word as to when the mobile platform will be coming to Windows based mobile phones or tablets. It’s doubtful that it’ll ever come to the platform as the windows phone acts as a mini computer for its users.

These new games will be provided by NYX Gaming which is now owned by Amaya Gaming, the software developer that is now famous for owning PokerStars & Full Tilt. This should ensure you that the gambling experience you’ll be receiving while playing this platform on your mobile devices will be revolutionary.

Those wishing to play this platform can do so by downloading the mobile platform of the Ongame Network. We shall inform you of any new games that are coming to the mobile platform or online platform that Ongame represents. Until then enjoy one of the best online poker experiences available today.