Arabian Nights Slot Won At Casino Room

Two weeks ago a player at Casino Room took an impressive jackpot while playing Arabian Nights, a video slot developed by Net Entertainment. The female player was spinning the reels when she took a jackpot worth €691,276.82. When we first reported on this win, Playtech nor the Casino Room released any details regarding who won the jackpot or what they plan to do with their winnings. That has all changed as Casino Room revealed key information pertaining towards this win.

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The winning player is a woman by the name of Suvi. She took the jackpot by wagering €5 on each spin she made. Suvi made a total of 250 spins before she triggered the jackpot. This also marks the first time that Suvi has ever gambled online as she is a new punter to the casino. Suvi didn’t deposit any money to the casino, instead she accepted the welcome bonus from Casino Room. Essentially she won this life changing amount of money for free.

The Finnish Woman made a small statement regarding this jackpot win, stating: “I’ve been gambling at my local casino for more than a decade. I have friends who’ve always told me how that online gambling is more profitable but I’ve always been spectacle towards gambling online. Finally I listened to my friends and took it upon myself to register an account with Casino Room. I never once thought that I’d trigger a jackpot the first time I gambled online. You can be ensured that I am an avid fan of online gambling and will continue to play at Casino Room.