$533,500 Everybody’s Jackpot Won

One player was very lucky today while playing Playtech’s “Everybody’s Jackpot” slot machine game. This one player won four hundred thousand dollars, while everyone else who was playing the game at that moment won small prizes with the other total amount equaling $150,000. This is one of the most unique jackpots to ever be invented by a slot developer. The main winner gains 70% of the winnings, while the other players who have met the wager requirements for the game gets smaller prizes through the remaining 30% of the prize pool that had accumulated prior to being triggered.

There haven’t been any details released about this new slot yet. This is the first time that a win like this has been triggered at “Everybody’s Jackpot”. This comes as a massive surprise to any player who opens up their bankroll tomorrow and finds there balance increased without even playing!

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