$5 Million in Guaranteed MicroMillions Tournament Prizes At PokerStars

PokerStars is known for being one of the best and busiest poker rooms on the internet. Recently the poker firm was purchased by Amaya Gaming, a company located in Canada. Amaya purchased PokerStars for $4.9 Billion due to the poker room’s reputation and strong profit driven traffic. Their previous owners were having difficulties gaining entry into the U.S and it is believed that under ownership by Amaya that this will change.

stack of poker chips

Amaya Gaming and PokerStars CEO Mark Scheinberg revealed that for the eight year in a row they will be offering the MicroMillions Tournament. The MicroMillions Tournament is actually the largest held by PokerStars with over one hundred different tournaments occurring and as the competition narrows down, the final tournament with the best players will be held with some huge money on the line for those making the final table. Whoever wins the tournament will not only win big money but will carry with them bragging rights for years to come. This is one tournament that brings out a large number of amateur and serious players due to the volume of cash that can be won.

Players will be able to buy in a maximum of four times a day throughout this tournament. The event runs through until the 27th of July with daily tournaments being held as well as qualifiers being run to win seats to various events being held.

Hit the tables while this is running and try your hand at winning a piece of the pie.