Daniel Negreanu Bank Account Closed

Daniel Negreanu, a professional poker player whom is widely known throughout the world by gamblers has reported via his Twitter account that his bank accounts were closed by the “Bank of America” just two days before Christmas. Also his MasterCard Credit Card was also cancelled. This caused for a great anger in the millionaire as he’s placed more than $32 Million into his bank account through his career.

Daniel Negreanu

This saw the poker pro to take to twitter, the six-time World Series of Poker champion stated the following, “Apparently the Bank of America no longer wants my business. They’ve closed all my accounts because I put to much in from poker?”. He also continued to go on by saying “MasterCard just cancelled my credit card for no reason. I’m rich! How dumb are they?”.

This isn’t the first time that this bank has been caught of disrespecting large clients. Whenever it comes to gambling, large companies in North America are known to be cruel towards winnings. Processing can take a long time & if the bank doesn’t approve of where it’s coming from then they have the right to close various accounts, which is due in large part to the UIGEA. This shouldn’t have been the case with Daniel Negreanu, he is one of the more notable professional poker players. He’s appeared in countless Television commercials as well as he has donated thousands upon thousands to charity.

Knowing Mr. Negreanu he shall not have this matter left un-noticed, he shall do everything in his power to ensure that the Bank of America as well as MasterCard have some punishment over this issue.

Poker Central Receives First Provider

Poker Central, a 24-hour poker channel that has until now been only available online has received their first cable provider. This is a major landmark for the company which has now signed a deal to be broadcasted by the “National Cable Television Cooperative”.

Poker Central

This deal will see Poker Central being offered to a total of nine hundred different television companies. This means that fans of poker will now be able to enjoy all daily filmed poker events of a number of television stations, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, On-Demand Streaming Services and many others. This’ll allow for a new spark of blood to be provided to poker as well as it’ll allow for hundreds of thousands whom haven’t played poker in years or ever learned the sport to become immersed in its experience.
There is no word as to how much Poker Central is receiving for this deal. It’s more than likely a figure which the NCTC doesn’t want to public to know. Poker Central only launched last October and already their making waves no one could’ve expected.

As of right now the current shows available on the lineup include Double Poker Championships, 100 Greatest Poker Moments, Global Poker Challenges, Pokerography, Face the Ace, Heartland Poker and Poker After Dark. Poker Central has already announced that they’ve got multiple other shows that their developing and plan on releasing in the new year, if this is the case then their lineup of shows will be able to match that of any network currently operating in Television Broadcast today.