17 Illegal Gambling locations shut down by Malaysian Police during Raid

Throughout 2013/2014 Malaysian authorities have been spending their time conducting raids on illegal online gambling rings. Today the Malaysian police announced that they conducted seventeen raids on various illegal gambling rings and arrested fifteen people during the raids. The Malaysian police were also able to seize multiple pieces of equipment that was used to operate this illegal gambling ring.

The announcement for these gambling raids came from Mohd Azam Ismail, a member of the DSP. He revealed in his announcement that in addition to arresting fifteen individuals they were also be to seize a large amount of cash, 280 different computers and fifteen modems. This in return will allow for the authorities to find information of other illegal gambling rings.”

Mr. Ismail continued by saying, “Through the seizure of multiple computers throughout the last few years we have been able to find more than one hundred illegal gambling rings located within our country. Our hopes is that with the seizure of these 280 new computers we will be able to find more illegal gambling rings so that we may abolish any form of online gambling.”

Police in Dongguan, Guangdong and China announced during the same time period that they also conducted a series of raids on illegal gambling operators. During the raids they arrested hundreds of people as these gambling rings employed all of them. The rings that were taken down by the Donnguan, Gaungdong and Chinese authorities were all sports betting related.